8 Napkin Folding Ideas to Try at Your Next Event

When it comes to setting a table for an event, even the smallest details can make the biggest impact! One simple detail that can sometimes be overlooked is the way each napkin is folded. When taken into consideration, napkins have the power to add sophistication and complete the overall ambience of the event. Whether you’re hosting a quaint dinner party or a grand wedding reception, we’ve got you covered! Discover how a well-folded napkin can complement your chosen theme, accentuate your table decor, and become a conversation starter amongst your guests!


1. The Knot

The Knot creates an effortless, but elegant look. This fold resembles a neatly tied knot, adding a touch of sophistication to any tablescape, making it a perfect choice for a wedding or formal gathering. To achieve this look, simply fold the napkin in half diagonally and tie in a loose knot. Easy!

2. The Napkin Ring

The Napkin Ring is adored for its quick set-up and simple look. It’s both a classic and practical way to present napkins on a table setting. The napkin, combined with the ring, allows for a more cohesive table setting, and coordinates well with chargers or other elements in the setting. Not only is this method a huge time-saver,, but also serves as a great decor element, enhancing the overall look and aesthetic of the table setting.


3. The Angled Pocket

The Angled Pocket fold is a great way to add dimension and achieve a more layered look. This fold incorporates a stylish pocket-like design that can hold utensils, menus, or decor pieces which add functionality and decorative elements to the setting. The above setting truly brings style to the tablescape while using Baby’s Breath flowers to beautifully compliment our Smith Marina napkin – offering a unique, eye-catching presentation for your special event.

4. The Roll

The Roll is a simple yet stylish way to present napkins in a tablescape. It’s the perfect way to subtly compliment other elements in the place setting, such as the menu and flatware. This versatile choice suits both casual and formal table settings, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.


5. The Waterfall

The Waterfall fold is a stunning way to present napkins and does a great job of drawing attention to your chosen pattern! This fold resembles a cascading waterfall, creating a beautiful and unique addition for a table setting. Perfect for a buffet-style dinner, the tablescape can still look finished even without the setting of plates.

6. The Simple Rectangle

The Simple Rectangle is always a classic choice for presenting napkins. It’s an effortless and elegant way to showcase small details atop. This fold is distinguished by its clean appearance, displaying a look of sensibility.


7. The Pocket Fold

The pocket fold is an enchanting and practical way to showcase napkins for your special occasion. Similar to the angle pocket fold, but smaller, this idea is perfect for a more delicate place setting. You can never go wrong with this timeless touch!

8. The Horizontal Wrap

We are obsessed with the way the Horizontal Wrap creates a chic and refined arrangement. This look is achieved by folding the napkin horizontally, repeating until the desired height is achieved, and tucking the ends under the plate.


Exploring different ways to fold a napkin adds elevation to any special event. Using simple and classic folds or intricate designs, there’s a technique perfect for every occasion. By learning the art of napkin folding, you have the ability to enhance the visual appeal of any event you host. When it comes to choosing the linens for your event, Stradley Davidson linens will elevate your setting even more. Head over to our products page and start putting together your very own personalized setting! The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own unique and sophisticated tablescape!